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Why Healthylicious Sweets

Growing up as teenager and throughmy adult life, I've always struggled with my weight and so nutrition soon became of great interest to me.

I went on so many diets, but all this began to have it's effect on my health.

These concerns put me on a dedicated journey of learning about nutrition and its effects on health, which in turn, led me to creating my @live_well_with_mash Instagram account, where I share my health discoveries and journey.

Part of what I have learnt is of the dangers of sugar.

Giving up sugar however was proving really hard, until I learned how to create those sweets I craved in a way that would totally satisfy my taste buds.

I didn't want something that didn't measure up. I wanted the bursts of pleasure but without the guilt or worries.

I did find treats; some ready made treats in the stores, but if they tasted any good they were, usually, expensive and almost always had some unhealthy additive or sweetener or more.

I wanted to give myself and my family better choices and not be deprived of the treats we love, so I researched and learnt how to create these treats at home.

When I did, I decided that I wanted to share what I have learnt and give others these choices, which lent itself to my creating an online home business.

I wanted to offer healthy, delicious treats that were both sugar-free, refined flour free, healthier choices (with no artificia colourings or addtives) and met with your expectations, so @healthylii oussweets (my Instagram account) was my first step in business, followed by my online store

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